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Why work with us

Market wisdom not market knowledge

Following an initial discussion with you to establish your business objectives and understand your business, we work out the best medium for your research. We’ve learned to adapt the market research industry’s techniques to suit your needs. Our proposal might combine one or many of the following:

· Face to face, depth interviews
This is one of the most popular research services we provide – resource developers never seem to have the time to do enough of it. But our interviewing experience and keen observation skills seek out what teachers can’t tell you in a paper questionnaire

· Telephone interviews
Another popular research method which allows you to focus on key issues and get to grips with current practice. And with the right questioning techniques, it’s surprising just how powerful 8-10 half-hour telephone interviews can be.

· Online/postal surveys
Usually the cheapest method to achieve a large sample – and we always follow questionnaire design guidelines and obey the rules of good question wording to maximise your response.

· Discussion groups
Often favoured by publishers for a rapid response, but discussion or focus groups can often go wrong in the hands of a flaky facilitator. Our specialist advice will give you the results you need.

For more information on any of these research techniques and others we use as part of our Schoolviews™ service, go to Resources I know will help you

We recruit the right teachers

One important factor in our research success is effective recruitment. With teachers often too busy to answer your questions and protected by a school secretary fiercer than any doctor’s receptionist, publishers often give up when recruitment proves time-consumingly difficult. But our well-practised recruitment techniques have never let us down.

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