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How we can help you

We can take away all the hassle of market research, carry out teacher interviews and provide a data-rich, custom-made report of the evidence for you, on your desktop. At the same time, with my publisher's mindset, I can translate this market information into sensible, commercial publishing decisions so that your new product has the edge over your competitors.

· We can help you identify what teachers want to buy: a short-cut route to getting closer to your market.
· We can help you understand why teachers are buying your latest success – that way, you can sell more.
· We provide you with a fast-track route to establishing what your new product will look like: a clear, market-driven template to direct your authors to deliver what you know will sell.
· We can help you put a powerful proposal together to gain the authorisation you need to invest in an untried, or perhaps previously unsuccessful market.

The confidentiality stuff

I carry out every project with the hope of you being so pleased with the results that you will choose to work with me again. I know this long-term relationship will only be sustained if it is founded on your trust in me carrying out the work with the highest standards of confidentiality, discretion and professionalism. I will guarantee this.

As a member of the Market Research Society, I identify with their core values of professionalism, excellence and effectiveness and comply with the Code of Conduct.

Mary James
Market Sleuth

educational publishing consultancy
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